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Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Our program offers our clients a hassle-free, meticulous, weekly maintenance service that looks after the needs of their property.  Our knowledgeable, experienced staff use “state of the art” equipment to provide you with a value based service.

We offer the following services as part of this program:

Spring Cleanup (April):

  • Pruning of plants for form and structure
  • Weeding, tilling and edging of all gardens
  • Thatch removal from turf
  • First lawn cutting


Weekly Lawn and Garden Maintenance (May through October)

  • Cutting (bagged clippings) and trimming of turf to recommended seasonal height
  • Weeding, tilling and edging of all gardens
  • Elimination of sidewalk, patio and driveway weeds
  • Blowing of all pathways, driveways and patios to remove debris


Fall Cleanup (November)

  • Removal of leaves from the grounds
  • Gardens prepared for winter
  • Weekly lawn maintenance